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Work side-by-side with our experts to develop and execute a scalable knowledge management process, and get from insights to impact faster.

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Dualo Academy Research Excellence Framework

Implement our proven knowledge management framework.

The Research Excellence Framework has been adopted by research-driven organisations all over the world. Our academy team provides tailored coaching to help you implement it at yours– regardless of the tools and methods you’re already using.

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A tried and trusted partner

Dualo case study: Ki Insurance

“Working with the Dualo Academy team has helped us take our repository and knowledge management process to the next level. We now have a dedicated space for key insights, used by our researchers to share what we’re learning about our customers and their needs, which is helping us to bring customer insight into every decision. It’s been a pleasure to work with Dualo and have their support with breaking down such a complex objective into something simple and achievable.”

James Birch

Development Director at Ki Insurance

Our Dualo Academy services can be purchased as individual modules, or a full 4 week program, depending on your needs.

module 1

Discover, plan and set goals

We’ll review and provide feedback on your current knowledge management process, and help you to establish a clear 12-month vision with well-defined, actionable and measurable objectives - to provide you with with foundations to make significant progress towards realising this vision within the first three months.

Individual price


module 2

Insight definition and taxonomy

Through a series of hands-on working sessions, we'll help your team to create clear definitions for strategic and tactical insights, and a tailored actionable insight template. We’ll also guide you through developing a bespoke global taxonomy for the insights managed across your team and the wider organisation.

Individual price


module 3

Improving wider engagement

We'll support you with building an active community of knowledge management champions, to help you engage wider teams and stakeholders with your research, improve collaboration across multiple disciplines and departments, and maximise the overall impact radius of your key research findings.

Individual price


module 4

Measuring impact & ROI

We'll provide your team with practical techniques to help you better understand the impact and ROI of your research. We’ll also help you to link your research to the long term goals at your company, so that you’re able to elevate your team as a highly valued and indispensable function within your organisation.

Individual price



4 week program

Our full 4 week program offers a comprehensive solution that covers every aspect of effective knowledge management. When purchasing the entire program you also save on the cost of each individual module.

All modules discounted price


bundle & save

Academy & Migration bundle

Seeking Dualo Academy benefits but need faster implementation? Combine Dualo Academy modules with our migration services to free up capacity and save money. Book a call with our team to learn more.

Dualo Acadmey Case Study

Influencing org-wide strategy at Ki Insurance: A Dualo Academy case study

Learn how the Research team at Ki Insurance worked with the Dualo Academy coaches to transform their research practice.

CDT case study for Dualo

Unlocking UX Research ROI at CDT: A Dualo Academy case study

Learn how the Web Services Team at California Department of Technology embarked on a journey to elevate their research practice.


A tried and tested partner.

Zoopla logo

"It's always been a known issue that as a team and business we struggle with centralising and sharing insights. It wasn't until we started working with Dualo did teams start believing we could solve this."

Sean from Zoopla
Sean Soley
Research Operations Manager
Alena logo

"It has been a pleasure to work with the Dualo team who have gone above and beyond to support us in building our repository. They are extraordinarily honest, open-minded, and receptive to our needs as users."

Sofie from Alena
Sofie Meyer
Head of User Research
Doximity logo

“Finally, a repository that focuses on doing one thing, and does it really well. No bloat, no unnecessary features. Setup is a breeze and my stakeholders are able to easily digest insights. I think I’m in love.”

Krista Lipps
Krista Lipps
Senior UX Researcher

Don't just take our word for it...

Zoopla logo

"It's always been a known issue that as a team and business we struggle with centralising and sharing insights. It wasn't until we started working with Dualo did teams start believing we could solve this."

Sean Soley

Research Operations Manager @ Zoopla

Dualo Academy

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For a limited time we're giving away Dualo Academy's 'Insight Definition & Prioritisation ' workshop  (usually $399).

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Dualo Academy workshops

Frequently asked questions

If we participate in Dualo Academy, do we have to build a repository in Dualo?

You don't have to use the Dualo product to benefit from Dualo Academy coaching. That said there will be functionality requirements that we'll go through with you as part of our upfront discovery to ensure you'll be able to action the outputs from our services.

How advanced is the material? Is it possible to participate for non-researchers?

The material is intellectually demanding, but does not require experience in a research or research operations role. It will require a lot of thought and operational discipline, but we present the content in a way that’s accessible to people with no background in managing an insights repository.

What's the selection criteria?

We want this program to have a huge impact on your organisation. So we’re looking for teams that will gain the greatest benefits from our coaching. That means your team needs to be doing research regularly and have enough capacity to implement changes, but most of all, a genuine desire to commit to the process, reflect and try new things.

Will I be able to continue working on my day to day tasks?

Yes, you will have plenty of time outside of workshops and touchpoints to continue working on other projects. Because the syllabus is tailored to each individual team, we can help navigate existing work with you when planning and making improvements to your knowledge management process.

We can help

Our academy services exist to support you with developing a scalable knowledge management process, to ensure that your team and organisation are getting the most value from your research.
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Dualo Academy DAC1 Accreditation
Dualo Academy

Become a Dualo Certified Repo Ops Professional.

Prove your Repo Ops expertise with an industry leading certification. Complete Dualo Academy and win the trust of your teammates, increase credibility, and build deeper insight management skills.