A knowledge management solution for digital  teams.

Dualo is a knowledge management solution that empowers digital teams to make better and faster decisions. Founded by a team of entrepreneurs with decades of technology and research industry experience, we’re on a mission to create 10,000 more insight-led organisations by 2030.

Insight-led growth is a strategic approach that leverages customer insights to qualify and quantify customer value, using this to operationalise and optimise the end-to-end customer experience. It’s a strategy that’s the responsibility of all customer-facing teams, all working together to build the bigger picture surrounding the customer and their needs.

This means looking at the customer experience, from acquisition through to revenue and referral, and asking ourselves - what do our customers find valuable and how can we optimise this so we can develop a competitive edge and grow as a business? No longer is growth siloed to just one department, it becomes a combined effort across the entire organisation.

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