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Dualo is the fastest way to organise knowledge and boost research engagement across teams.

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Leverage AI to answer complex research queries in real-time.

When insights are trapped in reports, they’re not driving impact.

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You’re sharing research reports with your stakeholders, but insights become trapped and lose repeatable value.

Dualo search

You’ve tried centralising research documents, but you’re still losing time searching through them and repeating work.

Reuse and discover insights with Dualo

You’re insights are being used by your immediate stakeholders, but there’s limited visibility across studies and teams.

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Krista Lipps commenting on using Dualo

“Finally, a repository that focuses on doing one thing, and does it really well. No bloat, no unnecessary features."

Krista Lipps

Senior UX Researcher @ Doximity

enough searching through shared drives

Turn your research reports into a 10X repository in minutes, not months.

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Step 1 – Consolidate

Centralise your research and insights 

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Effortlessly organise slides, docs, and virtual boards.

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Use AI to summarise research documents in seconds.

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Auto extract key insights buried in any document.

Dualo AI
Step 2 – Discover

Increase insight visibility, org-wide

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Search and filter 1000s of documents in seconds.

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Use AI to query all your research reports at once.

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Self-servable for researchers AND stakeholders.

Step 3 - Engage

Elevate your insights, and your team

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Connect insights from multiple reports.

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Create tailored share links for different recipients.

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Share knowledge via Slack, Teams, and email.

Dualo analytics
Step 4 – Measure

Know what’s working and who’s engaged

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Control what teams can view and access with ease.

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See when someone views your research & insights.

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Track which insights are resonating with stakeholders.

Dualo security

enterprise grade security

Keep your insights secure and compliant.

Dualo is GDPR compliant and built to ISO 27001 and SOC 2 standards – ensuring your data is always secure. From secure access management to encrypted share links, your data is always protected.

dualo Academy

Our experts are here to support you every step of the way.

From building a global taxonomy, to measuring research ROI, our Academy team are here to help you in your knowledge management journey.

Dualo Academy

Don’t just take our word for it.

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Dualo Academy

Free workshop

For a limited time we're giving away Dualo Academy's Improving research engagement workshop Miro template (usually $499).

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enterprise solution

Don’t have the capacity to build your repo?

Our team will build a best-in-class repository for you. We migrate your existing data and onboard your team in under 4 weeks.

Dualo Enterprise
Dualo testimonial

"It’s intuitive, easy-to-setup, and my stakeholders love it."

Samuel Marks, designer @Huelab
Dualo for stakeholders

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