Dualo vs Dovetail

Dovetail is a qualitative analysis tool, used for recruiting research participants, analysing raw data & sharing qualitative research findings.

Dualo is a mixed method insights hub, used to surface qualitative and quantitative insights and build interactive collections of research.

dualo vs Dovetail

Why Dualo?

Dualo is a research tool built for teams, not just researchers. It’s easy to use for everyone, and purpose-built for creating and maintaining a best-in-class repository of qualitative and quantitative insights.

Dualo for researchers
dualo vs Dovetail

Key differentiators:

Many teams consider using tools like Dovetail to build an insights hub, but this means you lose months building an insights repository using a product that hasn't been designed for this specific purpose - time that could be spent doing actual research, and without having access to your key research insights in a dedicated and best-in-class solution like Dualo.

dualo vs Dovetail

Dualo Concierge

Our team of experts are specialists in building scalable research repositories, and provide ongoing support from launch to rollout to ensure your insights hub is set up for success from day 1.

Dualo for stakeholders

These are just a few reasons why Dualo is a smarter choice for building your insights hub.

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Dualo Concierge

Our concierge service ensures your team gets instant value from day 1.

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Invest in an insights platform that delivers high value and business impact.

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Learn how today's best research teams use Dualo to unlock their insights.

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