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Trusted by the research teams at Mozilla, Zoopla, Flo Health, and many more. Learn how today's best teams work with Dualo to maximise the value of their research and become truly insight-led.

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Sisal case study

Enhancing Knowledge Management for Sisal’s research team: Dualo Platform

Learn how the Research team at Sisal built a self-serve knowledge repository for the entire organisation, powered by the Dualo platform.

Dualo Case Study: Lloyds Direct

Driving research engagement across Lloyds Direct: Dualo Platform

Learn how the Research team at Lloyds Direct increased research engagement across the organisation, powered by the Dualo platform.


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“Normally my stakeholders hate research software and refuse to use it, but they love Dualo and research engagement has gone to the next level.”

Jason Robinson
Lead Product Designer

“I thought migration would be a huge hassle, but we were up and running extremely quickly, and our research reports are now driving more value than ever.”

Sally Miles
Senior UX Researcher
Flex 2

“Our CPO was watching this project closely, so I was nervous about investing in this. But Dualo not only did the job, it made our whole team look like rockstars."

Mia Wilkinson
Director of UX Research
Ki Insurance case study for Dualo

Influencing org-wide strategy at Ki Insurance: A Dualo Academy case study

Learn how the Research team at Ki Insurance worked with the Dualo Academy coaches to transform their research practice.

CDT case study for Dualo

Unlocking UX Research ROI at CDT: A Dualo Academy case study

Learn how the Web Services Team at California Department of Technology embarked on a journey to elevate their research practice.


A tried and tested partner.

Zoopla logo

"It's always been a known issue that as a team and business we struggle with centralising and sharing insights. It wasn't until we started working with Dualo did teams start believing we could solve this."

Sean from Zoopla
Sean Soley
Research Operations Manager
Alena logo

"It has been a pleasure to work with the Dualo team who have gone above and beyond to support us in building our repository. They are extraordinarily honest, open-minded, and receptive to our needs as users."

Sofie from Alena
Sofie Meyer
Head of User Research
Doximity logo

“Finally, a repository that focuses on doing one thing, and does it really well. No bloat, no unnecessary features. Setup is a breeze and my stakeholders are able to easily digest insights. I think I’m in love.”

Krista Lipps
Krista Lipps
Senior UX Researcher

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