Get from insights to impact faster.

Dualo is an AI-powered insights platform that turns your research documents into reusable assets. Automatically extract and connect key insights, and bring your research to life for the wider organisation.

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Create a single source of truth for researchers and stakeholders.

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Effortless onboarding

Intuitive UX means everyone can sign up and get straight to it - no training required.

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Built for self-service

Researchers, wider teams, and stakeholders alike use Dualo to self-serve insights.

Reuse and discover insights with Dualo

Discipline agnostic

Regardless of your team or discipline, Dualo helps you socialise insights org-wide.

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“Finally, a repository that focuses on doing one thing, and does it really well. No bloat, no unnecessary features."

Krista Lipps

Senior UX Researcher @ Doximity

Search across reports

Find insights in seconds, not hours.

Find  buried insights by deep searching every research report for keywords in seconds. Less searching, more researching.

Extract key insights

Unlock previously buried insights with AI.

Effortlessly extract key insights from your research reports, and discover connected knowledge - without losing the wider context.

Unlock new opportunities

Highlight previously unseen patterns.

Group insights to highlight the emerging patterns in your data, and share with anyone in the organisation in minutes.

Track impact and engagement

Track and measure impact with analytics.

Track and measure  engagement, and drive visibility for your most valuable insights and  trending topics.

Engage wider stakeholders

Bring your research and insights to life.

Build a powerful story with any type of content. Wow teammates and stakeholders with interactive microsites that dynamically evolve with your data.

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"It's always been a known issue that as a team and business we struggle with centralising and sharing insights. It wasn't until we started working with Dualo did teams start believing we could solve this."

Sean Soley

Research Operations Manager @ Zoopla

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Level up your knowledge management game.

Our academy team are here to support organisations looking to take their knowledge management game to the next level.

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Experience the future of knowledge management.

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