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Leverage your user research insights.

Dualo is an insights hub used by digital product teams to get more repeatable value from their user research and insights, so that stakeholders can make informed and timely decisions across the organisation.

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Dualo - The insights hub for teams

There are 100s of great research tools, Dualo is the final piece to the puzzle.

Your research team conducts tonnes of great research using many different methods and tools. This is great for gaining insight, but often presents new challenges...

59 mins

Employees waste 59 minutes per day searching for information hidden within different apps.


Research professionals lose 20% of their time duplicating previous research.


70% of research teams think less than half of their stakeholders know how to access research findings.

Meet dualo

Connect research and insights with decision makers.

Dualo is a flexible system that empowers people to self-serve key research findings, so that researchers are no longer outnumbered by stakeholder requests.

Save £16,340 per researcher, per year.

Save £16,340 for every user researcher currently spending hours each week searching for insights, repeating work, and answering stakeholder requests.

Our customers typically recognise their return of investment within the first 6 months of using Dualo - some far less.

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Dualo - The insights hub for teams
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"It's always been a known issue that as a team and business we struggle with centralising and sharing insights. It wasn't until we started working with Dualo did teams start believing we could solve this."

Sean Soley, Research Operations Manager @ Zoopla
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Best-in-class insight management.

Increase visibility

Research shouldn't be a black box. Teams use Dualo to increase the visibility of their research findings across the organisation.

Maximise impact

Start getting repeatable value from the insights your team holds by centralising and indexing your key findings.

Drive productivity

Stop searching through documents and repeating work. Build on the knowledge you already hold and do more research.

Dualo Academy
dualo academy

Skip the guesswork.

We know that building an insights hub from scratch can feel like a daunting challenge. Join Dualo Academy and let our experts guide your team through building and scaling a best-in-class repository that will transform your team into insight-driven rockstars.

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Digital product teams use Dualo to build best-in-class insight hubs that leverage their collective wisdom. It's time to start turning insights into reusable assets.

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A playbook by dualo

Start levelling up your research operations today.

Start transforming your research operations today by downloading our 40 page playbook:

- The 'Research Excellence' flywheel
- The tools used by today's teams
- What you can start doing immediately

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