More than a platform, we’re a partner. 

From setting a vision and strategy to measuring research ROI, our experts will support you every step of the way.

Dualo's unique approach

Every team faces its own unique challenges, and it’s why our enterprise plans are tailored to each organisation’s needs – no guesswork, no ‘figuring it out’ – we’ll guide you through who to involve, what to tackle first, and how to build for lasting success. 

We’ve found that effective knowledge management requires the right combination of people, tools and processes. It’s why our award-winning approach combines tailored interactive working sessions facilitated by knowledge management experts, migration and roll-out support, and ongoing guidance from our team. 

More than a platform. We're a partner
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– Phase 1

Building the right foundations

Through a series of interactive working sessions with our knowledge management coaches, we’ll work with key representatives from your team to bring everyone together around a shared vision.

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Audit of your existing data and processes

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Define a shared vision for knowledge management

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Agree measurable objectives linked to your vision

Dualo Enterprise: Step 1
– Phase 2

A best-practice repository built-for-you in under 4 weeks

Avoid the hassles of building a repository yourself - bypassing the need for rework, eliminate guesswork, sidestep the common pitfalls, and save up to 500 hours of effort.

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Repository configuration and setup (including SSO)

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Research reports tagged and summarised

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Key insights extracted, connected, and tagged

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Custom ‘Collections’ of insights on common topics 

Dualo Enterprise: Step 2
– Phase 3

Onboarding, launch strategy & roll-out

Next, we’ll onboard your team onto your new repository and provide you with ongoing support from our knowledge management experts.

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Your team onboarded onto your new repository

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Tailored launch & wider roll-out checklist

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Ongoing support from our Customer Success team

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Ongoing platform and process improvements

Dualo Enterprise: Step 3
– Phase 4

Driving continuous impact & measuring research ROI

Our coaches provide your team with practical techniques to help you better understand the impact and ROI of your research, and your repository. 

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Research linked to your business goals

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Tailored process for prioritising research

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Structured process for measuring ROI

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Refined vision, strategy & success metrics

Dualo Enterprise: Step 4

Key benefits and outcomes 

We tailor each enterprise package to your needs, and with hundreds of successful implementations under our belt, we’ll work with you to find the right solution for your team. 

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Increased engagement in research and insights across the organisation.

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Wider visibility of insights org-wide, resulting in less time searching, and more timely and de-risked decisions.

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Reduced risk of repeating research.

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Ability to measure and track research ROI, as well as spot gaps and opportunities across research projects and teams.

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Fewer key person dependencies, resulting in reduced risk for the business and increased flexibility for researchers to work across a variety of initiatives.

Our Enterprise packages start at $25,000. 

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enterprise grade security

Keep your insights secure and compliant.

Dualo is GDPR compliant and built to ISO 27001 and SOC 2 standards – ensuring your data is always secure. From secure access management to encrypted share links, your data is always protected.

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