You have the insights, Dualo connects the dots.

Improved access to insights helps organisations to gain a true competitive edge. Dualo empowers teams to unlock their collective knowledge and achieve insight-led growth.

Our platform allows you to surface and connect the customer insights buried deep within your existing research reports and apps, highlight the emerging patterns and opportunities in your data, and socialise your key findings across the wider organisation.

No longer are insights isolated to one project or department, they're enterprise assets shared across teams. Dualo helps you get the maximum return on investment from your research, so you can make the most of every research dollar.

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Dualo segments

Data-backed decisions

De-risk and increase confidence around critical business decisions with insights at your fingertips.

Dualo connect

Unify teams around insights

Improve the speed and quality of work between teams with better access to customer knowledge.

Reuse and discover insights with Dualo

More value to customers

Become truly insight-led and give teams what they need to deliver more value to your customers.


Dualo for Researchers

Tired of searching through reports and apps for previous insights? Dualo lets you search for specific research findings across your organisation in seconds. Effortlessly shape your research strategy, inform research projects, and quickly answer research requests.

Dualo for researchers

Dualo for Product Designers

Dualo helps designers collaborate with researchers to de-risk critical design decisions through access to relevant research insights. Start designing with improved efficiency and confidence and be ready for stakeholder objections with key research insights at your fingertips.

Dualo for designers

Dualo for Product Managers

Dualo helps product managers to develop a product vision and strategy that’s grounded by insights. No more waiting for research requests to be answered. Self-serve the insights most relevant to your needs in seconds and build better products for your users.

Dualo for Product Managers

Dualo for wider stakeholders

Is access to research insights holding you back from making timely data-backed decisions? Dualo connects research findings with decision makers, meaning stakeholders can self-serve the insights specific to their needs, and subscribe to relevant collections of insights.

Dualo for stakeholders

Experience the future of knowledge management.

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Get tips and insights around managing your key research findings.

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Learn how today's best research teams use Dualo to leverage their insights.

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