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Dualo search

Deep search across docs

Deep search for valuable insights that have become buried across multiple reports and apps.

Dualo connect

Connect key insights

Connect insights together using a best-in-class taxonomy, always linked to the source.

Reuse and discover insights with Dualo

Unlock new opportunities

Share interactive collections of insights that reveal previously unknown patterns in your data.

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A home for your insights

Dualo success

Best-in-class UX

Dualo success

Built for self-service

Dualo success

Dedicated support

Deep search for insights

Find insights in seconds.

Dualo helps you save time by enabling deep search across docs to discover insights and answer research requests from across your organisation in seconds.

Search and filter in Dualo
BUild Collections of insights

Simplify storytelling.

Effortlessly connect insights and build collections around the themes that emerge in your data - keeping everyone informed and engaged with personalised and interactive mini-websites.

Dualo - simplify storytelling with collections
A flexible viewer experience

Get the high level, or dive into the details.

Customise the viewer experience to engage your audience at the right level. Securely share insights across the organisation with encrypted links and secure access management.

Dualo's flexible viewer experience
There's a template for that

Save time, ensure quality, increase consistency.

Use Dualo templates, or create your own to help standardise insight management across your team. Save time, ensure quality, and increase consistency.

Dualo templates

Dualo Concierge

Our concierge service ensures your team gets instant value from day 1.

Managed services

Why Dualo?

Maximise the return on investment from your research and insights.

Why Dualo?

Case studies

Learn how today's best research teams use Dualo to unlock their insights.

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