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The more insights are used, the greater the benefits. If you're looking to maximise the impact of your existing research and insights, our concierge service ensures you get instant value from day 1.
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How it works

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We identify your needs

Over a couple of short meetings we develop an implementation and launch plan based on your organisation's unique needs.


We do the heavy lifting

Our team of experts take your research reports and insights, and build a best-in-class repository using Dualo and your existing data.


You're good-to-go 🎉

In as little as 4-6 weeks, your insights hub is ready to use. We’ll onboard your team and set up ongoing checkpoints to ensure long-term success.

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A tried and trusted partner

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"It's always been a known issue that as a team and business we struggle with centralising and sharing insights. It wasn't until we started working with Dualo did teams start believing we could solve this."

Sean from Zoopla
Sean Soley
Research Operations Manager
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“We just needed a place to manage and showcase our insights. A place which is all about impact - where we can collaborate on research and engage stakeholders. Dualo gives us all of that, and more.”

Anthony Jenkins
Anthony Jenkins,
Chief Product Officer
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“Finally, a repository that focuses on doing one thing, and does it really well. No bloat, no unnecessary features. Setup is a breeze and my stakeholders are able to easily digest insights. I think I’m in love.”

Krista Lipps
Krista Lipps
Senior UX Researcher


"It's difficult to know where to start."
"How do we organise our data?"
"We want to get this right the first time."


"You're not the first team to face these challenges. We can help."

Frequently asked questions

How long does it typically take to build a repository using Dualo?

This all comes down to your individual organisation’s needs but we typically see 4-6 weeks as a benchmark. Our Customer Success team will work closely with you to develop a step-by-step plan during which we’ll go from initial platform setup, information transfer from your current solution, to launch and broader rollout.

How do you ensure ongoing user engagement?

During rollout and beyond, we’ll work with you to identify the right objectives for your repository and support you with working towards those objectives. We'll connect with you on an ongoing basis to make sure that everything is running smoothly and that your insights hub continues to be a success.

How can we customise the solution to meet our organisation's needs?

Each Dualo repository is built to meet your organisation’s unique needs. We develop a custom taxonomy for classification using the research data you share with us, which drives a company-specific search and filter experience. Our team will also support you with scaling your repository to ensure it continues to meet your needs far beyond its initial launch.

How easily are we able to move our data from Dualo into another system?

If for whatever reason you would like to grab your data from Dualo and move this to another repository solution, our team will provide you with a full export of the data that has been added to your Dualo repository.

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